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my hope is that my courses inspire you to let your creative expression come through, to show you the way and to live a more authentic and joyful life

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will teach you all the foundational information you need to know to get started with your stationery business and/or implement new mindsets and systems that can help you grow with intention.


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pricing calculator

will give you clarity with all your questions about pricing, how to charge for stationery, how to charge for design, how to mark up materials and more. And, it will also allow you to put together quotes in minutes with the way we have designed the spread sheet.

The Art of Foil Press Printing

will teach you a beautiful skill to invite more creativity and exploration allowing you to bring your dreams and ideas to reality. It will provide you with the freedom to create tangible products and adding a new source of revenue to your business.

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You want to explore the option of starting your own stationery business or you have been running it for a couple years and feel you lack knowledge of the industry to make decisions for the future. Consider this course a 4 hours+ coffee date with me in which I share all the information you need to know and give you the confidence to make transformational decisions. From the types of services you can offer, paper and printing options, client communication, softwares, effective processes, pricing, photography and more! 


Plant & Grow

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When I started my company as a stationer I remember seeing foil pressed paper goods and absolutely falling in love with them. I really wanted to design and create beautiful pieces like those I fell in love with. Then I quickly realized outsourcing this service didn't allow for much experimentation since each order was incredibly pricy. So, I took on the challenge, how could I print this myself? It took me years of research to find the perfect press and years of practice to get the perfect impression.
Offering this service allowed my company to grow in ways I never expected. In this class I cover every-single-detail about the art of foil press printing.

Foil Press Printing

The Art of

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The Pricing Calculator will allow you to use your time and energy on what you enjoy and do best, creating. Stream line your quoting process and build confidence with your numbers. In the Pricing Structure lessons I cover every detail about how I break down pricing for our custom stationery so you can confidently give your design and work the value they deserve. Once you have taken the lessons for Pricing Structure you will be able to implement a system with the Pricing Calculator that will keep you consistent and confident with your numbers.

Pricing Calculator


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A blank canvas is one of the most intimidating things I can experience. Following a simple step by step process to create beautiful illustrations has been a game changer for me and for my business. With this freebie you can learn my method!

Learn step by step how I design my illustrations

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Every class, every lesson, every post, every e-mail that you will receive from me will come down to this. Because, what is the point of growing if the journey is not enjoyable? It's my goal to make every stage of the growing process enjoyable and as someone that grew up thinking that being hard on herself was the way to success, I can tell you, the mindset shift to accepting and loving myself hasn't been easy. This is why I'm committed to share tools with you that can help you in this journey.

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